Thursday, May 25, 2017
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Energy Minister Anantaporn Kanjanarat also told reporters yesterday that the government had talked with Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen during his recent visit to Thailand about cooperating to develop petroleum deposits in the two countries’ overlapping area in the Gulf of Thailand

An agreement could be reached by next year.

Twarath Sutabutr, director-general of the Energy Policy and Planning Office, said the National Energy Policy Council had recently agreed for the ministry to draw up a plan to purchase LNG from the spot market as long as it is cheaper than domestic gas.

Areepong Bhoocha-Oom, permanent secretary of the ministry, said that because LNG spot prices had fallen below the contractual prices of natural gas in some domestic fields, PTT should reduce its purchases from domestic sources and import LNG.

“This is in line with our strategy to prolong depleting domestic gas reserves,” he said.

At the current LNG spot price of US$7.8 per million British thermal units, some domestic fields such as the Platong block operated by Chevron in the Gulf of Thailand are selling gas at a higher rate, he said.

Out of about 4 billion cubic feet per day of gas purchased from domestic sources, about 1 billion is more expensive than LNG. However, up to 500 million cubic feet per day (mmcfd) of supply could be cut, he said.

Natural gas piped in from Myanmar is also costlier than LNG spot prices, but has a higher minimum volume of purchases, and reducing the purchases won’t help preserve domestic gas reserves, he said.

Veerasak Pungrassamee, director-general of the Mineral Fuels Department, said PTT had already started to cut gas purchases from domestic sources. However, considering the minimum contractual obligations, the maximum reduction of domestic gas supply could be only 300mmcfd.

Also, cutting all that amount could lead to an increase in the price of natural gas for vehicles (NGV) and the electricity tariff, as the specifications for LNG are different than for domestic gas.

The maximum domestic gas volume that can be cut without affecting NGV and electricity costs is about 60-80mmcfd, he said.

THE NATIONAL Reform Steering Assembly (NRSA) yesterday briefed 74 Thailand-based foreign diplomats and the heads of six international organisations about its reconciliation and reform efforts.

“We explained to them that reconciliation can’t simply be done by having two sides negotiating with each other,” said Kamnoon Sidhisamarn, the NRSA spokesperson.

“We have to reform in order to eliminate [social] inequality, which is the root of crises [in the country].”

Some of the diplomats asked how reconciliation would be carried out by the “Five Rivers” of power, which comprises the NRSA, the Constitution Drafting Commission (CDC), the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), the Cabinet and the National Legislative Assembly (NLA).

Initially, the NRSA’s committee on political affairs would propose a framework for reconciliation within 30 days, Kamnoon said. They agreed that it was one of the most important agendas that needed to be accomplished during the NRSA’s 18-month timeframe. The joint committee of the NRSA, the Cabinet and the NLA would also decide if amnesty was appropriate and how reconciliation should be achieved.

Initially, the NRSA’s committee on political affairs would propose a framework for reconciliation within 30 days, Kamnoon said. They agreed that it was one of the most important agendas that needed to be accomplished during the NRSA’s 18-month timeframe. The joint committee of the NRSA, the Cabinet and the NLA would also decide if amnesty was appropriate and how reconciliation should be achieved.

ReadyPlanet, the digital marketing service provider, has announced its latest service for Instagram Ads. It is a video ad service that allows businesses to advertise with 30-second videos in 30 countries, including Thailand.

Instagram is a popular worldwide social media platform on which users can share images, videos, messages and location. Under Facebook, Instagram has over 400 million active users worldwide with 7.8 million users in Thailand. Customers will get professional consultants to create an effective Instagram advertising campaign

Advertising in Instagram is another important element for business in today’s

environment due to massive demand involving brands, online shops and business targets.

Such activity leads to multiple brand strategies – generating site visits, application installation, brands, products or service promotions through creative marketing activities via images and videos.

It also helps advertisers create recognition, purchase and up-sell for brands whose campaigns are to share stories it says enhance users’ experiences with emotion, atmosphere and creativity.

ReadyPlanet offers advertisements on Instagram services in Image Ads and Video Ads.

The campaign management service fees start from Bt4,500 per month, exclusive of monthly advertising budget.

Full steam ahead for e-firms

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e-commerce giants battle to become dominant players in the local market

Local and global e-commerce giants plan to penetrate the e-commerce market in Southeast Asia, including Thailand., one of Thailand’s leading online-shopping portals, will refresh its brand and shift into forward gear for the Southeast Asian market with the aim of capturing the rapid growth of e-commerce in Thailand and the rest of Southeast Asia and become the leader in the e-marketplace industry.

Sunsern Samaisut, chief commercial officer for e-business, said last week that the company decided to change its business model from charging rent from its online stores to charging a transaction fee ranging from 2.9-13 per cent.

“This year, we’ll strengthen our position in Thailand with the new business model. Early next year, we plan to expand to Southeast Asia through two possible models – joining hands with local partners and taking over local companies,” he said.

The e-commerce market in Thailand and Southeast Asia is not yet dominated by any player, so the company is confident in becoming the leader in these markets.

The company is set to invest Bt300 million this year on building infrastructure to support the new e-marketplace concept and on marketing to promote the platform and its merchants.

Under the new concept, Weloveshopping will offer a new merchant-management system aimed at providing an easy shopping experience covering a wide variety of products from verified merchants.

“Weloveshopping’s new image will aim primarily at achieving shoppers’ confidence and satisfaction, by offering a wide variety of products and a new system of verified merchants,” he said.

Under the new merchant-management concept called Westore, will select high quality merchants and provide them with a “seller business consultant” to assist in boosting their sales, which will raise the company’s revenue.

The company is shooting for 10,000 quality merchants this year, generating Bt2 billion in transactions.

Weloveshopping has appointed dedicated teams to provide content for its merchants that will make their websites more attractive to shoppers and to help merchants reach their target customers and achieve more sales.

Other teams will offer close support on ways to grab customers’ attention, such as shop design and decoration and product photos.

The company, in collaboration with TrueMoney, has adopted a new concept in the e-commerce business called the WeTrust Guarantee. The service employs an escrow system similar to that used by global e-commerce websites to manage the flow of money between merchants and shoppers.

The firm will hold onto the money paid by a shopper until it receives confirmation that the merchant’s merchandise has been delivered, then it will transfer the money to the merchant.

Using Weloveshopping’s revamped service, customers can easily track shipments and, once the ordered products have been received, they can award a “feedback score” on the merchant’s service. The scores are expected to build confidence in shopping at, as well as to create value for merchants. enters Thailand’s

e-commerce market

Chinese online marketplace has partnered with local online service provider ReadyPlanet to start up its e-marketplace business in Thailand.

Thomas Ho, country manager of, said Thailand is the third country in Southeast Asia to get an authorised reseller, following Malaysia and Vietnam, which have had resellers for over five years. provides an e-commerce platform for businesses to do business. To be members, users – both buyers and sellers – need to register.

Alibaba has about 36 million registered users, of which 90 per cent are buyers and 10 per cent are sellers. The large buyers are from markets outside China like the United States, United Kingdom, Middle East and Asean, while most of the sellers are from China and Asean.

As of March, registered users in Thailand had increased 42 per cent to 570,000, mostly buyers, from the previous year. This was natural growth without a local reseller, so more growth could possibly be expected here this year.

Alibaba’s objectives in coming here are to build brand awareness and to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) get the most out of e-commerce, as the crucial channel to reach out to the global market.

One mission of this partnership is to increase sellers from Thailand, but he declined to disclose the target figure.

Besides the B2B e-commerce platform, the company’s other businesses such as AliExpress and AliPay might be brought to the Thai market in the future, but it does not have a plan in the short term to do that.

At, there are more than 40 product categories. For Thailand, the potential product categories are food and beverage, agricultural products, apparel and beauty products.

Users can access Alibaba’s services through and can get information about all services at

Thailand is “a significant

market for eBay”

eBay is paying more attention to the Thai e-commerce market, as the potential for growth is high while competition is heavy.

Ekachai Rukachantarakul, head of eBay in Southeast Asia, said Thailand is a significant market for eBay, which has been formally present here since 2009.

Ten Thai businesses have reaped over US$1 million per year by selling stuff on eBay.

The company now is focusing on encouraging Thai businesses, especially SMEs, to do e-commerce on eBay. To start, they should have at least 100 stock-keeping units of products, then they can open an online shop and list their products

The company provides them with technical and marketing customer support.

Thailand has more sellers and trading on eBay than five other countries in Asean -Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia.

The top five markets for Thai sellers are the US, Australia, UK, Canada and Russia. The top three product categories of Thai sellers are jewellery and gemstones, auto parts and fashion, including apparel, footwear and accessories.

eBay has 25 million active sellers worldwide, of which 40 per cent are from the US.

Gross merchant volume over eBay’s platform globally in the first quarter of this year was US$20 billion (Bt674 billion).

This year, eBay will launch many more programmes to encourage SMEs to get on eBay’s platform to expand their business to the global market, he added.