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Harry Flatter

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HARRY POTTER will have to cast his spells without the wizardry of 3D, after the special effects version of the film was pulled.

Studio Warner Bros has confirmed that Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows – Part 1, which was due to be converted to 3D, will not be ready on time.

Instead it will be released in 2D, even in Imax cinemas, in order to protect the November released date.

Director DAVID YATES explained: “This decision, which we completely support, underscores the fact that Warner Bros. has always put quality first.”

Moviegoers will have to wait until July next year to see the Hogwarts’ pupils enter another dimension.

The company are promising that Deathly Hallows – Part 2, the last movie in the series, will be in both 2D and 3D.

Eminem: I don’t swear at home

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HIS body of work includes every swear word in the book.

But EMINEM says he doesn’t use bad language at home.

In an interview on US TV show 60 Minutes the rap superstar said: “Profanity around my house? No. I’m not saying there’s not glimpses of it in the music, that there’s no truth in things that I say, but this is music, this is my art.”

Em has a large brood to look after, so it’s understandable that he would want to set a good example to the kids he cares for.

As well as 14-year-old daughter Hailie Jade with ex-wife Kim Mathers, he is also raising Lainey, the daughter of Kim’s sister, Whitney and he is the legal guardian for his younger half-brother Nathan.

Em added: “I’m a parent. I have daughters. I mean, how would I really sound, as a person walking around my house cussing? I don’t cuss.”

When asked if he feels responsible towards the young fans who hear him swearing in his songs, he said that their parents should be taking care of them.

He said: “I feel like it’s your job to parent them. If you’re the parent, be a parent.”

Hear, hear…

Microsoft today unveiled a new range of smartphones it hopes will rival the phenomenal success of Apple’s iPhone.

The company wants its new operating system, Windows Phone 7 (WP7), to put its mobile business back in the running against not just Apple, but also Google, which makes the Android phone software, among others.
Speaking at a launch event in New York this afternoon, Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer said: ‘Everybody should be able to take a look at a Windows Phone and say it can represent me.’

The world’s largest software company is hoping that the new phones, from handset makers Samsung, LG, HTC and Dell, will propel it back into the mobile market, which many see as the key to the future of computing.

The new phones, initially available on the T-Mobile network in the UK and on AT&T in the U.S., are much closer in look and feel to Apple’s iPhone, with colourful touch-screens and ’tiles’ for easy access to email, the Web, music and other applications.

Some analysts say they represent Microsoft’s last chance to catch up with rivals in the smartphone market who overtook it in the past few years.

‘I’ve been looking forward to this day for some time,’ Mr Ballmer said, showing off nine phone models.

Mr Ballmer, who has admitted that his company ‘missed a generation’ with its recent unpopular phone offerings, said the new phones would eventually be available from 60 mobile operators in 30 countries.

Meanwhile, at a simultaneous launch event at London’s Institute Of Contemporary Arts (ICA), Microsoft announced that WP7 will be coming on the Dell Venue Pro by Christmas.

Dell’s Venue Pro will join five other WP7 handsets – three from HTC and one each from LG and Samsung – in the UK market in the coming months.

The Venue Pro will offer something a little different to the market, with the other five all touch-screen tablet type phones, but the Venue Pro offering a slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

Technology fan – and ardent Apple aficionado – Stephen Fry was at the ICA event and even took the stage to praise the WP7.

The comedian said: ‘I am genuinely thrilled. I never thought this day would come to stand on this stage and praise Microsoft for doing something they can be proud of…

‘I have felt enormous pleasure using this phone. Will I be using my Windows Phone 7? Yes’

In the U.S. the first phone from AT&T – priced at $200 – will be available on November 8.

Microsoft has a market share of only five per cent in the global smartphone market, according to research firm Gartner, compared with nine per cent a year ago.

Google’s Android system has a 17 per cent market share, jumping from only two per cent a year ago.

The market for multi-feature phones that allow users to email, surf the web and play games, as well as have access to music and video, is set to expand massively.

Gartner expects almost 270million smartphones to be sold around the world this year, up 56 per cent from last year.

In comparison, Gartner expects only a 19 per cent increase in worldwide PC sales to 368 million units this year.

Microsoft shares were up five cents at $24.62 on the Nasdaq this morning. AT&T shares were up 18 cents at $28.40 on the New York Stock Exchange.

But Microsoft has hurdles to overcome.

In the second quarter, Windows Mobile, Microsoft’s existing phone system, accounted for only about five per cent of smart phones sold worldwide, compared with 41 per cent for Nokia’s Symbian system, 18 per cent for Research in Motion’s BlackBerry phones, 17 per cent for Android and 14 per cent for iPhone.

The iPhone and Android are popular in part because of the tens of thousands of tiny applications – or ‘apps’ – made by outside software developers.

But those developers may not want to devote the resources to build programs for another smart phone system until it gains traction with users.

In the past, Microsoft focused narrowly on building phone software, giving handset makers and wireless carriers lots of leeway to adapt and customise their products.

In the wake of the iPhone’s phenomenal success, Microsoft has adjusted its strategy, retaining more control over the way the phones look and work.

The iPhone prompted a generation of lookalike smart phones, with screens filled with tiny square icons representing each program.

Microsoft has tried to avoid an icon-intensive copy, instead relying more on clickable words and images generated by content.

For example, a weather program might show a constantly updated snapshot of weather conditions, while photo or music libraries would be represented by a recent snapshot or the cover of the last album played on the device.

Windows Phone 7 borrows its aesthetic from the company’s Zune media players, and the entertainment ‘hub’ on the phone is based on the Zune the same way the music on the iPhone is filed under the ‘iPod’ section.

Many other Microsoft programs and services come built in on the new phones – there’s a mobile version of the Bing search engine, for example, and a games ‘hub’ that can connect to Xbox Live, Microsoft’s online gaming community.

Methi wants Jatuporn’s bail withdrawn

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Former actor and red-shirt united front member Methi Amornvuthikul has asked the Department or Special Investigation to withdraw bail for United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship leader Jatuporn Prompan.

Mr Methi called on DSI director-general Tharit Pengdit on Tuesday morning and made the request, saying Mr Jatuporn had made a threaterning call to him, who is now under a witnesses protection programme, about his being a witness in a terrorism case against UDD leaders.

He also told Mr Tharit some red-shirt leaders had siphoned about 68 million baht donated by UDD supporters and fled to Malaysia.

Mr Tharit said Mr Methi told him it was Mr Jatuporn who made a threatening call to him, saying the voice was very familiar to him. Mr Methi also showed him Mr Jatuporn’s telephone number which appeared on his mobile phone.

Although being kept as a witness, Mr Methi, who was arrested on charges of illegally having war weapons for official use in his possession, is allowed to use the telephone as usual without being bugged with DSI officials, Mr Tharit said.

Asked whether the statement given by Mr Methis would be used to withdraw bail for Mr Jatuporn, the DSI chief said the information needed to be verified. DSI officials had recorded Mr Methi’s statement, Mr Tharit said.

Mr Jatuporn is one of the UDD leaders charged with terrorism. However, he has been freed on bail using his parliamentary immunity.

Mr Tharit said the information on the alleged theft of the donation money was a personal matter and had nothing to do with the DSI.

Asked to comment on Cambodia’s statement that it had never allowed the red shirts to use its military camp for arms training, Mr Tharit said this matter would be discussed at today’s meeting of the Centre for the Resolution of the Emergency Situations (CRES) to decide if the Foreign Ministry should be informed and seek explanation from the neighbouring country.