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iOS 8 beta 5 release date pinned early

Posted by pakin On July - 28 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

Anyone interested in the mobile world knows that Apple’s iOS 8 will see a general release in fall. At present though it’s being tested by developers and going through the various beta stages necessary before the final build. iOS 8 beta 4 arrived last week and now we have the iOS 8 beta 5 release date pinned early.

We gave readers news that iOS 8 beta 4 had gone live within moments of its release, and there’s a definite pattern with the beta releases that gives us a good idea of when beta 5 will arrive. From the evidence so far we’re expecting iOS 8 beta 5 to be up for download on Monday August 4th.

This is because so far Apple has pushed out a new beta every 2 weeks, with one exception when there was a 3 week gap. As iOS 8 beta 4 landed last week (at 4pm on the dot UK time) we’re highly unlikely to see beta 5 this week and an expected 2 week interval leads us to August 4th.

After this we expect that iOS 8 beta 6 will be the last before we see the Gold Master arrive at the Apple iPhone event. It’s worth noting that last year the Gold Master landed during the Apple event and the public release followed after, and we anticipate the same this year.

As for iOS 8 beta 4 you may find some of our recent articles interesting, such as reviews of the beta on the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5. We also shared a video showing an iOS 8 beta 4 vs iOS 7.1.2 speed test on the iPhone 5S.

As always we’ll keep you informed about all the developments with iOS 8, including of course the arrival of beta 5 when it goes live, so do check back with us from time to time.

iPhone users are the biggest sexters

Posted by pakin On May - 6 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

If you own an iPhone, you’re more likely to be sending risqué messages to your significant other — or at least that’s the finding of a new survey.

The poll, conducted by YouGov and commissioned by, found that a third of iPhone owners — over 30 percent — had sent a rude text to their partner (or indeed, to someone else instead of their partner for one of those truly foot-in-mouth moments).

That was markedly more than the amount that those using other handsets had sexted, with those on BlackBerry devices (there are still some of them out there) having the second highest percentage of rude message senders with 21 percent. 17 percent of folks using Samsung devices admitted to sexting (of course, the numbers are likely a fair bit higher than those who actually admitted to doing so — but that will be true across the board).

19 percent of respondents said they had sent a sext (or worse still a naughty pic) to the wrong person, and of those, one in twenty had accidentally sent their mother-in-law said message for the ultimate in embarrassment.

According to Sky News, Duncan Spencer, the MD of, commented: “It does seem that iPhone owners are certainly a little more risqué when it comes to their mobile communications”.

“The moral of the story is that if you are going to send cheeky messages, check before you sext, otherwise you might find your private photo going viral. There are some things that can never be unseen”.

Wise words indeed — as we all know, these days, everything lives forever on the Internet.

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Phone rumoured to show images that ‘float above the screen like holograms’

Experts say design takes parts from Apple, Google and HTC handsets

Will go on sale in September – the same time Apple is expected to unveil its iPhone 6

The first clear pictures of Amazon’s much rumoured 3D handset have been revealed – and show off the four cameras used to create a ‘floating screen’ effect.

Set to be unveiled in June, the device will use retina-tracking technology to make images on the smartphone’s display appear to ‘float above the screen like a hologram and appear three-dimensional at all angles.’

The latest images also reveal a relatively thin handset – that looks a lot like Apple’s iPhone.

‘Multiple trusted sources have verified the authenticity of the image, which was created for internal use by graphic designers at Amazon,’ web site BGR said.

The handset appears to take design cues from Apple’s iPhone 5 and Google’s Nexus handset.

‘As can be seen in this new image published exclusively by BGR, Amazon’s phone will feature an overall look that is similar to many full touch smartphones currently on the market,’ said BGR.

‘In fact, it appears to take design cues from several existing smartphones including Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup and even the HTC One, which has a polished, chamfered bezel much like the one seen on Amazon’s phone.’

The handset is believed to have a 4.7-inch display with 720p HD resolution, a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 2GB of RAM, and six individual camera modules to make the 3D effect work

It will run a highly customized version of Google’s Android operating system similar to the one seen on Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets.

The handset will be revealed in June and launched in September, the report claims.

This would pit it directly against Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6, which is also expected to go on sale in September.

Previously the site has obtained images of the handset sheathed in a protective case.

‘Finally, we have obtained exclusive photos of a prototype of the unreleased device, giving the world its first look at Amazon’s hotly anticipated phone, web site BGR said.

‘As can be seen in the images, the device is covered by a protective shell intended to prevent people without authorization from seeing the physical design of the phone.’

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also believes the firm will launch a phone.

‘We predict Amazon (US) will launch its own brand smartphone in 3-6 months, using the same hardware strategy as used for its e-reader and tablet,’ he recently wrote.

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