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Sungai Kolok communities still face high flood levels

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NARATHIWAT, Feb 28 – Communities along the river in Sungai Kolok district are still facing high levels of flooding.
All five communities there are covered by water some 2 metres deep.
Overall flooding in Narathiwat’s seven districts has improved with 24 main and subsidiary roads again passable. Heavy rain has stopped and scattered rain continues in a few areas.
In Tak Bai district, more than 100 residents from six communities are still taking shelter from flooding in a refuge.
Narathiwat’s public primary schools remain closed, and three other schools temporarily closed due to flooding, making seven schools impacted overall.
Local authorities have been distributing drinking water and dry food to affected residents living along the Sungai Kolok River. (MCOT online news)

Thailand’s South severely battered by heavy rains, floods

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PHATTHALUNG, Feb 26 – Flash floods forced many schools in Thailand’s southern region to close today while rice fields, roads and houses here and in neighbouring provinces are inundated.
More than 2,000 houses in five districts, 10,000 rai (4000 acres) of paddy fields and local roads in Phatthalung are under water with classes at more than 10 primary schools suspended.
In Narathiwat province, three days of rainfall sharply increased the water level in the Su-ngai Kolok River which may overflow its banks if the rain continues.
Three schools in Yasla’s Raman district remained closed due to heavy rains and floods. Water spilled over some sections of the Pattani and Saiburi riverbanks.
Yala Governor Dejrat Simsiri ordered relief officials on 24-hour alert and to work closely with the military in assisting flood-stricken people.  (MCOT online news)

Thailand stresses closer ties with South Korea

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SEOUL, Feb 25 – Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra today reiterated Thailand’s support for South Korean investment in the kingdom and continued collaboration with the Northeast Asian country as a strategic partner.

She paid a courtesy call on Park Geun-hye after South Korea’s first female president was sworn in.

The two leaders discussed a variety of bilateral issues including cooperation in promoting the roles of women in the region.

Ms Yingluck also invited Ms Park to attend a high-level meeting on Asia-Pacific Water Resources, to be hosted by Thailand in May.

A South Korean firm, K-water, is one of the private companies selected in a preliminary framework for a sustainable water management system to solve Thailand’s chronic flood problems. (MCOT online news)

Deadly flood waters rise in eastern Australia

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At least four people dead as torrential rains severely flood several cities and towns on country’s east coast.

At least four people have been killed by deadly floodwaters, and thousands of homes and businesses flooded by torrential rain, along Australia’s east coast since the weekend.

Floodwaters swept down the coast on Tuesday, with Queensland’s state capital Brisbane bracing for its river to peak as other towns waited anxiously to see just how high the water would rise.

Campbell Newman, the premier of Queensland, said that Bundaberg, a coastal town about 360km northwest of Brisbane which has been hit by tornadoes in the wake of ex-tropical cyclone Oswald, was a key concern.

Hundreds of people have been rescued from their rooftops in the town, many by helicopter, with Black Hawks operating until midnight using night vision to pluck them to safety as floodwaters rapidly rose around them.

“There may still be people in there and we have to get them out,” Newman said. “We are concerned about houses being lifted off their stumps and swept away. People cannot stay in north Bundaberg.”

Bundaberg mayor Mal Forman said the floods were unprecedented and had left residents “unbelieving”.

“We are seeing things that aren’t precedented, we have exceeded all records here,” he said. “It’s a very stressful time for everyone.”

Al Jazeera’s Andrew Thomas, reporting from Sydney, said that the worst of the weather had bypassed that city.

“The city has gotten off relatively lightly – not much damage here. Queensland bore the brunt of the bad weather on Sunday and Monday,” our correspondent said.

Wild weather has, however, ripped trees up and caused dangerous surf in Sydney.

River peak

“The floodwaters from inland are now making their way to the coast and raising river levels along the way. However, overall, these floods aren’t as serious as those from two years ago,” Thomas said.

The floods come just two years after a devastating deluge covered much of Queensland, leaving more than 30 people dead and bringing Brisbane to a standstill.

But Newman said with Ipswich, a town west of Brisbane which was badly affected in 2011, escaping the worst overnight he was hopeful that the river peak in the state capital may not be as bad as at first feared.

It is not expected to come close to the seven metre peak seen in 2011.

“That bodes well for the predicted flood peak today in Brisbane, which is meant to happen before midday at 2.6 metres,” Newman said.

As the current weather system moved south, towns in adjoining New South Wales state are on alert, with evacuations ordered in Grafton.