Saturday, January 18, 2020
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Thousands of protesters from the Government Complex rally site marched to stage a symbolic siege of the Department of Special Investigation, the CAT Plc and TOT Plc Saturday.

They formed a procession and moved from the Government House Complex t at 10:45 am.

They staged a symbolic siege of the DSI at 11:33 am. They did not make attempts to get through padlocked glass doors but just waited outside and shouted for DSI Tarrit Pengdit to come out to meet them.

They blew whistles and shouted: “Where are you, Tarrit?

The protesters later moved on the CAT headquarters at 11:52 am and entered the compound briefly before heading to the TOT Plc headquarters.

They arrived at the TOT Plc headquarters at noon Saturday.

They were greeted and welcomed by TOT Senior Executive Vice President Wudthidanai Thitakasikorn in front of TOT building. The protesters gathered at its front yard. Some were singing and clapping.

Wudthidanai told the protesters that the TOT welcomed them because they are tax payers. He said the TOT prepared drinking water and restrooms to welcome them.

He asked them not to destroy the property and asked them to consider using TOT services when they need phone and Internet services.

Abhisit says Tarit framed him, Suthep over 2010 riots

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Department of Special Investigation director-general Tarit Pengdith skewed the facts in order to frame suspects who are the subject of criminal indictments relating to the 2010 riots, the Democrat Party leader told a court Monday.

The Criminal Court convened an inquiry session to hear Abhisit Vejjajiva testifying as plaintiff, before deciding whether his suit against Tarit would merit judicial review.

“The state of emergency was declared in the face of havoc wreaked by armed men in black, but this fact was omitted from the prosecution statement against me,” Abhisit said.

Abhisit contends that Tarit abused his power by fabricating criminal indictments against him, as the then prime minister, and his then deputy, Suthep Thaugsuban, in relation to deaths that occurred during the riots.

In his statement to the court, he said that only the National Counter Corruption Commission had a mandate to prosecute political office holders.

He voiced suspicion that the DSI and the Office of the Attorney General had conspired to frame him and Suthep in order to pressure opposition lawmakers to accept the amnesty bill.

One month before the indictments were issued, Cabinet member Chalerm Yoobamrung revealed in the House that he had inside information about the pending charges, Abhisit said.

Abhisit, Suthep to face trial over 2010 riot deaths

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PUBLIC PROSECUTORS decided to indict and try two top Democrats for instigating others to kill, or to attempt a killing, in connection with the 2010 political mayhem.

Opposition leader Abhisit Vejjajiva and MP Suthep Thaugsuban are to stand trial over their respective capacities at the time as prime minister and deputy prime minister in charge of quelling red-shirt protests.

“Former PM Abhisit and former deputy PM Suthep will be tried as political overseers of the Centre for Resolution of the Emergency Situation,” prosecution spokesman Nantasak Poonsuk said.

The prosecution review against Abhisit and Suthep was based on a report compiled by the Department of Special Investigation.

Nantasak said the DSI report covered the period from April 7 to May 19, 2010.

Incidents that led to the indictment included those revealed by judicial inquests that attributed the deaths to gunshots fired from the side of the security forces, he said.

The inquests covered the cases of Phan Kamkong; boy Kunakorn Srisuwan; and driver Samorn Maithong. Attorney-general Athapol Yaisawang cited three reasons for the indictment:

First, the charges were about the instigation to cause death, hence the prosecutors have purview of the case above that of the National Anti-Corruption Commission.

Second, the prosecution has evidence to link the two accused to blockading of rally sites as well as ordering the use of arms.

Third, the pending trial will combine all casualties into one count of wrongdoing, since separate crowd-control operations were designed to achieve one single objective – to disperse the rallies.

The prosecution order sets Thursday as the deadline for Abhisit and Suthep to acknowledge their indictments.

DSI chief Tarit Pengdith said his investigators would study whether the prosecution review could be a precedent.

DSI ‘trying to please’ Yingluck govt

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Failed to review slaying of top govt critic but probed Facebook joke: MP

The Department of Special Investigation (DSI) was heavily criticised yesterday during the 2014 budget bill debate for its alleged ineffectiveness in dealing with a number of prominent cases.

The House of Representatives continued its fifth day of debate on the Bt2.5-trillion budget bill yesterday with Democrat MP Watchara Pechthong criticising the DSI for its alleged inefficiency and overt attempts to please the Yingluck Shinawatra administration.

Watchara asked why the DSI had not followed up the abduction and killing of anti-government businessman AkeyuthAnchanbutr, while pursuing a case about a Facebook posting by the Democrat Party’s deputy spokesperson Mallika Boonmee-trakool, which criticised the premier.

The DSI had also failed so far to retrieve ill-gotten gold from disgraced monk Luang Pu Nenkham, Watchara said. The MP alleged that the ex-monk was now being protected by an army general, who is a member of the ruling Pheu ThaiParty. He asked whether or not the DSI dared to retrieve the gold from the general.

The DSI’s request for a Bt35-million secret fund for 2014 was also questioned. Watchara asked whether or not such funds had been used in the past to finance foreign activities by the agency.

Watchara then proposed a five per cent cut in the budget requested by the DSI.

“I want to ask, to whom does the DSI pledge its loyalty – to the people? Or to the premier?”

Meanwhile, Democrat MP Satit Wongnongtoey proposed a 20-per cent cut in the DSI’s proposed investigation budget, citing the department’s failure to achieve its stated investigative role.

The House voted 288 to 109 to approve the Justice Ministry’s Bt19-billion budget.

It also approved Bt30 billion for the Labour Ministry, Bt6.6 billion for the Culture Ministry, Bt8.7 billion for the Science and Technology Ministry and Bt482 billion for the Education Ministry.

The Democrats yesterday reminded the vetting committee for the 2014 budget bill to submit documents about costs for Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra’s overseas

travel and expenses related to Thailand preparing to be part of the ASEAN Community as well as government spending when it imposed the Internal Security Act to curb anti-government rallies earlier this month.

The second round of debate on the fiscal 2014 budget bill resumed yesterday after being halted last Saturday.

This must be finalised by midnight on Monday, otherwise, the bill will go to the Senate for review without any changes by the vetting committee – as it was approved in the first reading.