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Sonthiyarn out on bail

Posted by Nuttapon_S On February - 15 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

People’s Democratic Reform Committee rally leader Sonthiyarn Chuenruethainaitham was released Saturday on Bt400,000 bail.

The bail was granted after the Criminal Court had approved the Department of Special Investigation’s request to detain Sonthiyarn for 12 days to investigate charges of insurrection. The DSI can summon him for questioning.

Sonthiyarn, a former director of Tnews news agency, was in police custody since last Monday when he was arrested under the state of emergency. The Criminal Court on Thursday rejected a police request to extend the seven-day detention. Yesterday, he was released one day ahead of the seven-day limit on a plea from his lawyer.

Sonthiyarn thanked the court and said people could still depend on the judiciary.

After this, he would go back to work in the media, he said. However, he would consult with his lawyer whether he must report to the DSI next Saturday, according to its summons.

Department of Special Investigation director-general Tarit Pengdith said he respected the court’s decision. It was also good that the bail condition stipulated Sonthiyarn must not instigate people, therefore he could no longer take part in the PDRC rally.

BANGKOK, Jan 10 – Anti-government protesters will strictly adhere to non-violent and unarmed demonstrations during Monday’s seizure of Bangkok, protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban reaffirmed on Thursday.
He said protesters will be given prayers to chant in case of intimidation or assaults by the authorities or opponents during the citywide rallies.
Mr Suthep, who marched with members of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) on the Thon Buri side of Bangkok yesterday, said the activity was successful in creating awareness among the people about Monday’s Bangkok shutdown.
He expected 400,000-500,000 Thon Buri residents to join the massive protest on Monday which will possibly paralyse Bangkok.
The PDRC has announced its plan to occupy seven major locations in the capital, including Pathumwan–which will be the hub of demonstrations replacing Ratchdamnoen Avenue, Silom-Lumpini, Victory Monument, Ratchprasong, Lat Phrao, Chaeng Wattana and Asoke.
“Please strictly follow our plan. We have announced closure of seven locations. Don’t spread to other areas. We will separately block government property in the morning and withdraw in the evening to avoid attacks by hooligans at nighttime,” he said.
He said the PDRC will go ahead with its plan to occupy Bangkok without reservation thanks to the Criminal Court’s rejection of a request by the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) to issue arrest warrants for 35 PDRC leaders.
The DSI has charged the 35 PDRC leaders with insurrection, instigating unrest in the kingdom and holding gatherings of more than 10 people.
The DSI said it has summoned the suspects but they refused to report themselves to the authorities without giving acceptable or appropriate reasons.
The court said the suspects had already informed the DSI that they would be willing to give their testimonies and did not intend to disobey the DSI’s order.
It was unclear if some of the suspects have received summonses from the DSI, the court said, instructing the agency to issue more summonses to the 35 PDRC members. (MCOT online news)

DSI seeking arrest warrants for 33 more protesters

Posted by Nuttapon_S On January - 6 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

BANGKOK, Jan 6 – The Criminal Court will be asked to issue arrest warrants for 33 political protesters, raising the number of suspects seen to be conspiring against the Yingluck Shinawatra government to 38, the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) announced today.

DSI chief Tarit Pengdith said investigation officials from DSI, Attorney General Office and National Police Bureau agreed that charges should be leveled against the 33 rank-and-file members of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC).

The DSI earlier issued warrants to arrest five top PDRC leaders on insurrection charges but none of them reported to the authorities, reasoning that they were engaged in political demonstrations and New Year’s obligations.

Mr Tarit said the 38 suspects have increasingly violated the law and plan to paralyse Bangkok on Jan 13 — a move that will negatively impact Thailand’s economic and social stability.

He said investigation officials will lodge complaints with the court tomorrow and request warrants to arrest the 33 protest leaders.

Another group of 15 protesters who recently went on stage will also be summoned to acknowledge charges against them, he said. He described them as the third group of protest leaders.

Mr Tarit said the DSI has also asked the court to revoke bail for nine PDRC members who previously joined the People’s Alliance for Democracy or the Yellow Shirt movement in paralysing Suvarnabhumi airport.

Their temporary freedom should be suspended since they have repeatedly committed offences, he said.

The DSI has not yet received clear details on the 33 suspects’ wrongdoing, but the court would be told of their behaviour and speeches on stage as well as their planned attempt to seize Bangkok and cut power as well as water supplies at government properties.

The 33 PDRC members include Sathit Wongnongtoey, Chumpol Chullasai, Phuttipong Punnakanta, Issara Somchai, Witthaya Kaewparadai, Thaworn Senneam, Nattapol Theepsuwan, Akanat Promphan, Anchalee Paireerak, Samdin Lertbut, Preecha Iamsupan, Somkiat Pongpaiboon, Yossak Kosaiyakanond, Supawat Supiyapanich, Somboon Thongburan, Chitpas Kridakorn, Sathit Pitutecha, Sakolthee Pattiyakul,Thospol Pengsom, Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, Kaewsan Atipothi, Chirmsak Pinthong, Seri Wongmontha, Kittisak Prokati, Thanom Onketpol, Chanwit Vipusiri, Paiboon Nititawan, Pathompong Kesornsuk, Suriyasai Katasila, Pipob Thongchai, Boonyod Suktinthai, Ong-art Klampaiboon and Picharn Sukparangsi.

Five core protesters for whom the DSI sent out arrest warrants are Suthep Thaugsuban, Pichit Chaimongkol, Ratchyuth Sirayothingpakdi or Amorn Amornrattananond, Nitithorn Lamlua and Uthai Yodmanee.  (MCOT online news)

DSI to freeze accounts PDRC leaders

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Tarit will summon 18 PDRC leaders for questioning, warns donors against providing financial support to anti-govt protesters

THE DEPARTMENT of Special Investigation (DSI) announced yesterday that it would freeze the bank accounts of 18 leaders of the anti-government People’s Democratic Reform Committee. It has also issued summonses to them to acknowledge sedition charges, issued with court approval.

The summonses will be issued today to the 17 leaders, including PDRC leader Suthep Thaugsuban, to report to the DSI on December 26 and 27.

The DSI also will freeze the two bank accounts the PDRC set up to receive contributions from supporters. “All the accounts will be frozen indefinitely until cases against the core leaders are complete,” DSI director general Tarit Pengdith said at a press conference.

An arrest warrant has also been issued for Suthep on charges of sedition.

Of the 17 other core leaders, eight |are former Democrat MPs, namely Satit Wongnongtaey, Chumphol Julsai, Buddhipongse Punakanta, Akanat Promphan, Issara Somchai, Thaworn Senniam, Witthaya Kaewparadai and Nataphol Teepsuwan. The other leaders facing summonses are Ancharee Paireerak, Nitithorn Lamlua, Uthai Yordmanee, Samdin Lertbutr, retired Army General Preechai Iamsupan, Somkiat Pongpaiboon, Yossak Kosaiyakanont, Pol Lt-Colonel Supawat Supiyapanich and Somboon Thongburan.

In addition, Tarit has warned people providing financial and logistical support for the PDRC rallies against assisting the movement, especially registered businesses that have been funding the rallies and bus-owners who have been transporting PDRC supporters and supplies.

“The DSI is screening the facts to see if the buses are actually chartered or if the owners have been doing it as part of a [seditious] cause. We have details about all vehicles taking part in the rallies,” he added.

Transaction details sought

Tarit went on to say that all bank accounts held by the 18 leaders would be frozen and the banks would be asked to hand over all transaction details over the past six months to the DSI. He added that his agency had done the same to some 300 core leaders of the red-shirt movement while it was staging rallies in Bangkok two years ago.

“Once the transaction details have been inspected, we will know how the money was donated and spent on rallies and activities. I would like to warn financiers or supporters against continuing to give their assistance or face the risk of being charged with aiding and abetting crimes,” he said.

When asked about the possible detention of Suthep, who faces an arrest warrant over sedition charges, Tarit said the DSI saw no reason to rush for the arrest as it was difficult to act on it right away. Besides, he added, the statute of limitations for sedition was 20 years.

Tarit also issued a warning to those delivering speeches on stage at rally sites, saying they too might be summoned for questioning.

As for the anti-government protesters surrounding the DSI headquarters on |the two days, the PDRC leaders have |been summoned. Tarit said all inci-|dents would be recorded. Also, he said, |if the leaders decide not to show up, they had better have good reason for their absence.

Fewer than six representatives from foreign embassies, excluding the US and the UK, in Bangkok attended a tour of protest sites offered by the PDRC yesterday.

Suthep, who is wanted for his role in leading the ongoing anti-government rallies as well as leading seditious activities and illegally entering several government properties, announced last night that he was launching massive street marches in a move to force caretaker Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra to step down. He said he would lead a street march today and tomorrow, as well as a massive march on Sunday.