Friday, September 21, 2018
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THE RAINY season in Thailand is in full swing and the northeastern province of Chaiyaphum has once again laid out its welcome mat of picturesque pink Siam tulips that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Part of the Phang Hoei mountain range, the province’s Sai Thong National Park is a popular destination among trekkers in July and August with stunning waterfalls and majestic views from the vantage points joining the colourful carpet of flowers known in Thai as dok krachiao.

“We focus on safety and want visitors be impressed. We actively encourage travellers to help conserve nature and not damage flowers or other plants.”

A four-wheel pickup is on hand to bring travellers up the mountain and the organised tour has us trekking for two-and-a-half hours to explore the world of Siam tulips carpeting more than 1,000 rai of grassland.

Just a short walk from the meeting point, Pha Ham Hod offers a magnificent panorama of green spread over Phraya Lae and Wichianburi sub-districts. Up here though, at an altitude of 867 metres, it’s foggy and visitors are queuing to sit on the edge of the cliff and pretend that they’re riding on a fluffy cloud.

Our trip to Chaiyaphum ends with a visit to Wat Sila Art where we pay respect to the sacred carved stone Buddha statues. We also enjoy a meal at Don La Nam restaurant, which is famous for its delectable fish dishes. Here we receive a warm welcome from its owner Daranee Pattirupanon, who takes time out to show us how to prepare Chaiyaphum’s favourite pickled fish dish Maam Kee Pla.

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