Thursday, July 19, 2018
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Yingluck Shinawatra has taken to Facebook to say she will continue to fight to prove her innocence in the negligence court case against, apparently in response to the government’s move to block her supporters and seize her assets.

The verdict in the negligent case, relating to the her then-government’s rice-pledging scheme, will be read on August 25.

“I did not do anything wrong,” the ex-premier said on her Facebook. “What I can say is that I’m still strong, and ready to fight to prove my innocence.”

Yingluck said she wanted to speak out to reflect the current effort to “create a condition” before the court rules on her case.

Prayut said anyone who planned to mobilise in Bangkok should be aware that doing so would be illegal.

“Such an act is against the law. You may not face legal action immediately but you can’t escape it eventually. The law is still the law,” he said.

“You may like or love anyone as you please. But you don’t need to cause trouble for other people while doing so.”

His remarks came amid concerns about an attempt to mobilise large numbers of people from the provinces to gather at the court for the verdict.

The Department of Legal Execution, meanwhile, is eyeing seizing 12 of Yingluck’s bank accounts in the first civil liability action against her.

While the Finance Ministry, representing the government as the plaintiff in the case, is also pursuing other assets belonging to the ex-premier.

The asset seizure attempts are being conducted in accordance with the civil liability committee’s resolution for Yingluck to pay Bt35 billion in compensation to the state to cover heavy losses in the rice-pledging scheme, estimated at several hundred billion baht.

Yingluck has been charged with criminal negligence for allegedly failing to stop irregularities stemming from the rice-pledging scheme.


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