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PM wants to tackle root of problems

Posted by pakin On December - 25 - 2015

PRIME MINISTER Prayut Chan-o-cha said yesterday he had staged a coup in the hope of bringing about true and effective national reform after the country had been riding a political roller-coaster for 83 years.

The PM made the remarks at the Government House while leading the five major agencies in reviewing the government’s one-year performance.

He said the main objective of the announcement was to make all agencies understand the root causes of the problems facing the country and what would be their short, medium and long-term solutions. He expected all conflicts to be resolved.

The PM said he would touch on topics for the future and not those of the past, which could be handled by the justice system.

Prayut said he would like to give the public some ideas about what his government would do for the remaining one year and six months from January next year till July 2017.

He said the situation facing the country was “not normal” because of external factors. “We are being watched by international organisations. There are groups that try to distort the truth. Everyone is demanding democracy, freedom and liberty. I ask if this is possible? We have been on this path for 83 years and faced many coups. So I want true reform for the future of our children,” he said.

To achieve reform objectives, the PM said the management of all ministries must be integrated. “We need to link and integrate every ministry’s activities. I have already come up with the plan,” he said.

The six sectors that must be reformed were: security, the economy, social sector, foreign affairs, administration, law and the justice system.

The reforms he envisioned aimed to strengthen the country’s economic structure, improve human life quality through a reformed social sector, move in a proactive manner in terms of foreign affairs, and focus on a top-down management of the country’s administration. To reform the justice system, the PM wanted to improve agencies that enforced the law.

Prayut said the government had completed its first stage of reform. It had lasted one year and had been met with heavy criticism and had failed to bring about real reform. “Many countries take many years to reform and have not completed their mission. We have [held office] so far for one year – but we are asked: what have we done?” Prayut said.

He said although the country’s economic indicators showed a negative picture, it was only fair to look at other countries around us and the world economy.

He said the government had mapped out a 20-year strategic reform plan and five-year economic development plans till 2036. “New governments taking over should continue these plans to create continuity. We are taking care of 70 million people and not just people in political parties,” he said.

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