Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Nation University and Japan’s Fukui University of Technology have agreed to expand their academic cooperation in the form of student exchanges and joint research by lecturers.

“We believe we will receive support from the Japanese government too,” Nation University president Dr Pong-In Rakariyatham said on the weekend.

He was speaking as the Nation University organised academic seminar to showcase and promote co-operation between the two institutes.

Held at the Thai institute’s Lampang campus on the weekend, the event attracted a wide range of intellectuals and representatives from the public and private sectors.

During the seminar, Assoc Prof Tsuyoshi Kigawa from the Fukui University of Technology in Japan presented his academic work titled “The Charm of Two Cities: Fukui & Lampang”.

Adisak Champathong, dean of Nation University’s Faculty of Communication Arts, produced “Short Films of Local Towns Situation”.

The seminar also covered various other interesting topics such as “The Network Design for Connecting Anytime Anywhere: An Introduction to Delay Tolerant Network” by Assoc Prof Akihiro Fujihara of Fukui University of Technology.

There was also “Design and Use of Local Materials, Design and Use of Lampang Phasin” by Prof Koichi Nishio of Fukui University of Technology, and “Design and Use of Fukui Traditional Paper” by Pawinrat Saetang and her team from Nation University.

A discussion on traditional materials and cultural exchange was also held.

In addition, the seminar addressed the topic “Lampang U-Town: Local Economy Development” – or how to develop Lampang as an education destination.

Nation University, like The Nation, operates under Nation Multimedia Group. The university also has a Bangkok campus.

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