Tuesday, June 25, 2019
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The (terrible) Aunties

Posted by pakin On June - 4 - 2014

They are everyone’s least favourite aunties. They are out and about and they act as if no one else matters. No they have their own Facebook page

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The (terrible) Aunties

They are eveyone’s least favourite aunties. They are middle-aged or senior women, but still quite healthy for their age. They are out and about and they act as if no one else matters.

They push their way into public transport vehicles before the departing passengers can leave. Once inside, they put their belongings on adjacent seats, forcing other passengers to stand. At 7-Eleven stores, they cut into paymentqueues, using their age as the excuse. They also like free things and will take as much as they can.

Now they have a Facebook page devoted to their inconsideratebehaviour. It called “Manut Pa” or “The Aunties” (https://www.facebook.com/KhunPaaaa) and it was opened in March to let people share images or experiences in dealing with these aunties. Many photos are uploaded with the faces overlaid by cartoon masks. It now has over 43,000 likes on the page.

The administrator of the Manut Pa page posted that one of its members went to a bank and got his queue number but when his turn came, a woman appeared out of nowhere, trying to talk the teller into serving her. Luckily for him, another teller saw what was happening and served him.

Amporn Benjapolpitak, director of Rajanukul Institute of the