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LG wants you to talk to your fridge (happy now, Max?)

Posted by pakin On May - 8 - 2014

LG unveils smart appliances that use natural language to communicate.

Feeling lonely? No-one to WhatsApp with? LG has the answer: you can talk to your fridge, oven and washing machine.

LG has unveiled a line of smart appliances that feature its HomeChat messaging service, which uses natural language processing and the messaging app LINE to control your fridge, oven and washing machine.

In use this will mean that users can send text-based messages to their appliances to ask for updates on the wash cycle or for recipe recommendations, for example. It even includes 40 “stickers” – images people send to each other as part of messaging app conversations – to make the interaction with your fridge more “enjoyable” and “personal”.

The app itself has three different modes – vacation, away and return-home – and has settings for most frequently used functions. “With an intuitive interface, HomeChat makes communicating with LG’s smart refrigerator, washing machine or oven much like chatting with a close friend,” LG claimed.

The Smart Refrigerator features a camera to enable you to see what’s inside via a smartphone or tablet, or from an LCD built into the front door – helping to keep items fresh by limiting how often the fridge is opened. It also tracks expiration dates and can recommend meal ideas based on the ingredients contained within – and on your diet, taking into account your BMI.

LG Smart Lightwave Oven will help you plan your menu. “With HomeChat and Recipe Search, homeowners can converse with their smart LG oven to recommend recipes,” LG said. “Select ‘Return-home’ using HomeChat and the smart oven will ask, ‘what dish would you like to make today?’ and open the Recipe Search window.”

When it’s time to cook, the oven will manage the temperature and cooking time. It will also send a notification to your smartphone of new recipes it thinks you should try.

The Smart Washing Machine uses specialised wash cycles that can be downloaded online and run remotely – you can choose from a number of different programmes, which you can turn on while you’re out of the house. You can start the wash by sending a text message, and receive progress updates by sending the machine the question “what are you doing”.

The appliances are launching in South Korea, but if successful will head to other markets, including the US, LG said.

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