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7 Animals Whose Names Are Complete Lies

Posted by Rattana_S On April - 24 - 2014

1. Guinea pig.

Not a pig and not even from Guinea. Guinea pigs are, of course, rodents. They werebrought to Europe from South America as early as the 16th Century and bred as pets.

2. Electric eel.

Weirdly not an eel, but a knifefish.

3. Lionfish.

Ok, so it is a fish but its definitely not a lion. Their stripes serve both as a close-up warning to predators that the fish is poisonous, and as camouflage that breaks up its the outline from far away. Just saying but maybe tigerfish would have been a better name. (It doesn’t even have a mane).

4. Mountain goat.

Not a goat, also not a mountain. They are pretty close relatives to goats, but are more accurately called goat-antelopes. Mountain goats live in alpine environments where they can show off their impressive climbing abilities.


Obviously not a horse, but I guess they kind of look a bit equine? Sadly their upright pose means they are not actually very good swimmers and can easily die of exhaustion in rough seas. Maybe a real horse would cope better.

6. Spider monkey.

Definitely not a spider as it clearly has only four legs. Their disproportionately long limbs and prehensile tails are probably what led to their common name.

7. Ladybird.

Despite their impressive wings, not actually birds.

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