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Cyber crime techniques grow more sophisticated

Posted by arnon_k On September - 23 - 2010

Security experts have warned of increasingly sophisticated cyber threats, such as ‘SpyEye’, which target cyber banking details, as well as mobile malware and other threats against businesses and political targets.

The surging number of internet users and connecting devices, especially mobiles, is to blame for the explosion in security threats, says President and Founder of ACIS Professional Center, Prinya Hom-anek.

SpyEye aims to steal bank account, credit card and other sensitive data from the victim’s computer.

With SpyEye, the hacker modifies the content of an online bank’s login page, adding additional form fields to phish for information.

As of June 30, Thailand has more than 17 million internet users, which ranks it 10th in Asia for Internet penetration and thus making it attractive to cyber criminals.

Many hackers work for organised crime groups, which means they are well funded and have access to advanced technologies and techniques over a prolonged duration of operation, and often have specific targets, particularly in businesses and politics.

Department of Special Investigation Deputy Director-General Yanapol Yangyuen added that there is an increasing trend to make fake social network pages which aim to damage the image of businesses or their executives.

Those companies often employ teams to track down and close such fake sites, as well as reassure customers and business partners in a bid to reduce damage.

The majority of these crimes are carried out by competitors and former employees, so staff at all levels need to be educated in security awareness.

Such crimes are also increasingly employing social engineering techniques and capitalising on human greed by luring victims with the promise of high returns for low investment.

Thailand represents an attractive destination for cyber criminals because the kingdom boasts a good technological infrastructure and high-speed broadband.

Foreign criminals are known to use Thailand as a base even for luring victims back home, such as Chinese gangsters using Thai IPs to launch cyber attacks in China.

Prinya said these trends will be discussed at the annual Cyber Defense Initiative Conference on Oct 12-13 at the Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani, under the theme “360i{aac} Cyber Security: IT Governance and the Challenges of Information Operation”.

This theme reflects how cyber security should be viewed at 360 degrees and requires the application of IT governance.

The most crucial issue at the seminar will be the use of social networks as tools for propaganda.

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