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Court finishes hearing Nonthaburi flood case

Posted by arnon_k On November - 30 - 2011

The Administrative Court yesterday finished its hearing on the case in which people from Nonthaburi complained about the negative impacts on their lives of flood relief measures.

The court will deliver its verdict to the complainants by phone or fax at a date yet to be determined.

The residents’ group filed the complaint with the court last Wednesday against the government’s Flood Relief Operations Command (Froc) and Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA).

They said the Froc’s decision to place flood barriers along Highway 340 and Kanchanaphisek Road to protect inner Bangkok and the BMA’s refusal to open sluice gates to receive floodwater from Nonthaburi caused them hardship because the barriers and sluice gates prevented floodwater drainage.

Lead complainant Tossiri Poonnuan, 50, said although the floods were easing in Nonthaburi, her complaint was aimed at prompting authorities to solve floods for the general public without discriminating between people in different areas.

Chatchawal Panyawatheenant, deputy director-general of the Irrigation Department, who represented the Froc in the hearing yesterday, said big sandbags were placed only one some parts of Highway 340 and there were other channels to drain floodwater from Nonthaburi.

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