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Rosana claims success in ‘water pushing’

Posted by arnon_k On November - 16 - 2011

Water-pushing devices have helped drive around 7 million cubic metres of water into the sea from the capital every day.

Bangkok Senator Rosana Tositrakul, who has spearheaded a move to ease flooding in Bangkok’s Thon Buri area, said the water-pushing devices have been a great success.

Each device is made up of two connected, 200-litre containers with their bottoms sawn off. The pilot device was attached under a motorboat moored to the Ekkachai-Bang Bon bridge forming “a tunnel” which helps speed water flow. As the boat propellers spin, water is funnelled through the tunnel. This helps boost water pressure and causes it to flow quickly and forcefully.

The amount of water drained by the devices was nearly half of the at least 15 million cu/m a day drained by the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA).

Ms Rosana said she had sought cooperation from the state and private sectors to help donate more such devices to drive water into the Gulf of Thailand.

A total of 20 water-pushing devices have been donated: 14 by the Royal Irrigation Department (RID), three by the Naval Engineering Command and another three by the private sector.

The senator earlier urged Thon Buri residents to band together to tackle the flood problem. She said water-pushing devices have been placed at sections of Khlong Lenpaen, Khlong Raharn and Khlong Sakae-ngarm, which connect to major canals _ Khlong Maha Chai and Khlong Ratchamontri _ before floodwater is drained to the Gulf.

The devices pushed 7 million cu/m of water to the sea a day, she said.

The BMA had a maximum water drainage capacity of 18 million cu/m of water a day, said Ms Rosana.

The RID could block about 30 million cu/m of northern runoff from entering Bangkok’s western side a day and drain some 5 million cu/m of water into Khlong Phasicharoen a day.

If all agencies had worked at their full capacity to drain floodwater out of Bangkok, Thon Buri would not face prolonged flooding, she said.

Key government agencies have left Thon Buri defenceless against flooding, she charged.

The dredging of clogged canals has helped lower canal water levels, she said. At Khlong Lenpaen, soldiers had dredged the canal and the level had come down by more than 10cm a day, she said.

She was confident floodwater would quickly flow into the sea if canals were dredged.

She blamed the government and the BMA for underestimating the flooding situation. Over the past weeks, floodwaters could not be drained out to the sea due to clogged canals.

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