Wednesday, January 22, 2020
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Wat Kudi Dao: Ayutthaya

Posted by arnon_k On July - 7 - 2011

After the City of Ayutthaya was designated a UNESCO World Heritage in 1991, the amount of restoration of ancient sites in the Old City by the Fine Arts Department was doubled. Without caution in research this conservation project has frequently produced very damaging results.

Wat Kudi Dao is an important site especially for late Ayutthaya architecture. Restoration should be done with caution so that errors are not made that damage the beauty and architectural history of the site. However at the beginning of 2001, the condition of a large group of ancient monuments that date back to the 17th century was ruined. Now the site is harsh, coarse and dry due to the clearing of almost all of the vegetation. Newly laid bricks cover the entire courtyard, the new stucco coating makes the site look unfinished.

It is known that the important thing about ancient sites is that they are monuments of power, which will cause the observers to imagine, recall and inspire. Conservation of ancient sites must be a mixture of art and memorial, science and craft. The restorer must have deep discretion and judgement to do the job and to know what to do and what not to do.

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