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One-stop-centre to end trade in illegal labour

Posted by pakin On June - 30 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

SAMUT SAKHON – A new centre to end the abuse of illegal workers by properly regulating migrant labour opened on Monday in Samut Sakhon as the first step to end human trafficking in the country

Businesses in Samut Sakhon rely on a huge migant workforce, much of it illegal.

The new, full-time centre in Muang district provides a one-stop service for migrant workers from Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia staying illegally in the province to come out in the open and register legally with the authorities.

It is located at the provincial social security office in Muang district, and open from 8.30am to 4.30pm everyday.

It can handle 2,000 migrants a day, officials said, and 1,000 illegal workers already lined up for registration when the doors opened this morning.

The launch was witnessed by Gen Sirichai Disthakul, the army chief-of-staff in charge of labour issues and human trafficking, permanent secretary for labour Jirasak Sukhonthachat and Myanmar ambassador   Tin Win.

Samut Sakhon has an estimated 80,000 illegal labourers from the three countries, according to Labour Ministry figures last year. The province relies on foreign workforce to drive its lucrative fishery industry.

Under the plan outlined out by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), illegal workers will be given temporary permits to work in Thailand. Their names will be sent for verification in 60 days, and workers passing the procedure can apply for permanent work permits by using their passport, Mr Jirasak said.

NCPO chief Gen Prayuth Chan-ocha said on Friday that one-stop centres will be opened in another 22 coastal provinces in need of migrant workers on July 7, and in the rest in the country by July 15.

The move is part of the military regime’s plans to end the activities of human traffickers,  including corrupt government officials, who extort money from people in the three neighbouring countries in exchange for smuggling them into Thailand and delivering them to places where they have been promised jobs.

The Myanmar envoy supported the plan and said the new centre will make it easier for people in Myanmar to land needed work in Thailand.

However, some business operators remained sceptical, saying migrant abuse would not end until Thailand fully liberalises the labour market.

Thailand and other members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations will open up the labour sector after the launch of the Asean Economic Community  at the end of 2015, but the free flow of workers will be limited to skilled and professional labourers.

The junta opened temporary coordination centres on the border in Sa Kaeo, Trat and Chanthaburi provinces on Thursday to facilitate the return of about 200,000 Cambodians who fled in fear of rumours of a crack down by the junta.

Another tempoarary centre at the Chong Jom border crossing with Cambodia  in Kap Choeng district of Surin province was officially opened on Monday. These coordination centres will close after the provinces set up one-stop service centres.

According to the ministry, Thailand has about 2.2 million legal migrant workers. The Thailand Development Research Institute said there another 900,00 illegal workers in the country before the exodus.

Samsung Galaxy Core Mini 4G Unveiled In China

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Samsung is a company that is well known for a variety of smartphones that will cater to just about any and every budget imaginable out there, and for good reason, too. The masses will soon stick to your brand even as they move up in life, climbing the corporate ladder while upgrading to a newer and better Samsung handset. This time around, the Android-poweredGalaxy family of smartphones has received its latest member, which is known as the Samsung Galaxy Core Mini 4G.

The Samsung Galaxy Core Mini 4G happens to carry the model number SM-G3568V, where it has just been unveiled officially over in China. While the Samsung Galaxy Core Mini 4G does come with 4G LTE connectivity, this does not automatically qualify the smartphone to be a high end device, since it comes with rather entry level to mid-range specifications, including the likes of a 4.3” display at 480 x 800 pixels resolution, a 5MP camera at the back, a quad-core 1.2GHz processor, 1.5GB RAM, and 8GB of internal memory.

Android 4.4 KitKat will be the operating system version of choice, and with a 136 grams chassis that measures 127.8mm x 66.2mm x 10.6mm, it is an average sized handset that is easy to tote around and use with a single hand. White seems to be the only color right now in China, and it remains to be seen whether it will be released elsewhere or not.

Jonathan Ross would snub Kardashians

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Jonathan Ross admits he wouldn’t invite the Kardashians on his show unless it was a quiet week, but is happy to invite Kim’s husband Kanye West.

Jonathan Ross would only have Kim Kardashian on his talk show if it was a “quiet week”.

The ‘Jonathan Ross Show’ host has admitted he isn’t quite sure what the Kardashian family do for a living and would prioritise other guests over them – but he’d be happy to have Kim’s rapper husband Kanye West on for a chat.

He explained: “I’ve had Kanye on and I’d probably have Kim. The Kardashians are a remarkable phenomenon, but it is still quite hard to work out what they actually do.

“I would probably bear in mind that I don’t do as many shows per year as I used to [on BBC], so unless it was a very quiet week, I might not want to go with the Kardashians. I’d maybe still go with Kanye.”

Despite admitting the Kardashian clan isn’t at the top of his celebrity wish list, he did confess that he’s a fan of their comedic value, but isn’t sure they’re trying to be funny.

Jonathan told heat magazine: “I do find them very funny – I mean ‘Bound 2’ [Kanye’s music video featuring a topless Kim] was f***ing hilarious.

“It’s difficult to work out whether they’re in on their own joke.”

Huge cache of seized weapons revealed

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Military says preventing bloodshed was prime reason for coup; vast haul shows deadly nature of conflict

In another attempt the justify the May 22 coup, the junta yesterday paraded lethal weapons confiscated from warring political groups in front of military attaches and the media.
National Council for Peace and Order spokesman Winthai Suvari said heading off further bloodshed was the main reason behind the power seizure.

“Otherwise people would have used these weapons to wage the war against each other and, thus, potentially affect the safety of people and their property,” he said.

The First Army Region Commander Therachai Nakwanit presided over the parade. Military attaches from 11 countries attended the event.

The weapons confiscated over the past month include 144 rifles, 258 shotguns, 2,490 pistols, 23 M79 grenade launchers, 9 RPG launchers, 330 hand grenades, 134 items of TNT explosive material and more than 50,000 ammunitions for many kinds of gun and rifles, Winthai said.

More than 100 M79 grenades 57 RPG rockets and 426 bullet proof vests were also confiscated during operation to remove lethal weapons from the country, he said.

Therachai said the displayed weapons were only three-fourths of the total number confiscated in an area under the authority of the First Army Region and partly the Second Army Region.

He said the Third and Fourth Army regions, which took care of the northern and southern regions of Thailand, also confiscated many weapons but they were not shown yesterday.

“These weapons and materials indicated an abnormal situation in Thai society,” Winthai said.

“It would have been dangerous for people if these weapons were used to settle political conflict.

“This is a lesson for Thai people who have different political ideas and we hope that this behaviour will disappear from Thailand.”

Winthai said that some of the weapons displayed yesterday had links to the bloody incident in 2010 when red shirtsprotested against the then Democrat Party government.

He did not reveal the source of the weapons but said an investigation was under way.

However the junta has already linked the war weapons to fugitive Jakrapob Penkair, a former spokesman for theThaksin Shinawatra government.

The military court issued an arrest warrant for Jakrapob and eight other people believed to be connected with the confiscated weapons, according to deputy national police chief Somyot Phumphanmuang.

Police had asked the Office of Attorney General and the Foreign Ministry to seek Jakrapob’s extradition from Hong Kong, he said.

Police were hunting many dissidents who failed to comply with the junta’s order to report before it, he said.

They included Thammasat University student Saran Chuichay, better known as Aum Neko.

A police task force would be set up to hunt for him, Somyot said.