Saturday, December 15, 2018
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Paris (CNN) — Seventy-five additional bodies have been recovered from the wreckage of an Air France plane that crashed off the coast of Brazil two years ago, more than doubling the number of remains that have been found, the vice-president of the French victims’ association told CNN Tuesday.

The remains have not yet been identified, Robert Soulas said.

Air France 447 plunged into the Atlantic Ocean on June 1, 2009, killing all 228 people aboard. The bulk of the wreckage was found this year after a search by robot submarines of an underwater mountain range.

Many bodies were still in the fuselage, investigators said at the time. Only about 50 bodies were recovered in the days following the crash.

Soulas got the news from a French government liaison appointed to deal with families of victims, he said.

“Personally, I would have preferred to leave the bodies of our loved ones on the seafloor,” he added, repeating his long-held view.

The Brazilian national news agency Agencia Brasil reported Tuesday that Nelson Faria Marinho, head of the Brazilian victims organization, said that with the latest recovery, the number of bodies found since the accident now totals 127.

Details of the doomed plane’s last minutes only began to emerge last week as French air accident investigators studied data recorders recovered from the wreck earlier this year.

The Airbus A330 plummeted 38,000 feet in just three minutes and 30 seconds amid conflicting information that may have led the pilots to make bad decisions, France’s Bureau of Investigation and Analysis (BEA) said Friday.

The pilots got conflicting air speed readings in the minutes leading up to the crash, according to an interim report. The aircraft climbed to 38,000 feet when “the stall warning was triggered and the airplane stalled,” the report says.

Aviation experts are asking why the pilots responded to the stall by pulling the nose up instead of pushing it down to recover.

Miles O’Brien, a pilot and aviation analyst, said: “You push down on the wheel to gain air speed, perhaps they (pilots) were getting information that the air speed was too high. Pulling the nose up will exacerbate an aerodynamic stall.”

The speeds displayed on the left primary flight display were “inconsistent” with those on the integrated standby instrument system (ISIS), the report says.

The aircraft experienced some “rolling” before stalling and then descending rapidly at 10,912 feet (3,300 meters) per minute.

At the time of the descent, the two co-pilots and captain were in the aircraft cockpit.

All 228 people aboard the Airbus A330 Flight 447 from Rio de Janeiro to Paris were killed on June 1, 2009.

The pilots lost contact with air traffic controllers while flying across an area of the Atlantic Ocean known for constant bands of severe turbulence.

Air crash investigators at the Paris-based BEA have been working on the theory that the speed sensors, known as pitot tubes or probes, malfunctioned because of ice at high altitude.

P.Thai: Bhumjaithai not acceptable

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It would be difficult, even impossible, for the Pheu Thai and Bhumjaithai parties to work together as partners in a coalition government, Pheu Thai deputy leader Plodprasop Suraswadi said on Tuesday.

Mr Plodprasop said the two parties were far apart in their lines of thinking, working methods and ideologies, and Pheu Thai still remembered what Bhumjaithai members had done to it in the past.

Bhumjaithai candidates, including deputy leader Sohpon Zarum, said in Nakhon Ratchasima province on Monday the party would be in the next government, regardless of whether is led by Pheu Thai or the Democrat Party.

“There’s no point in us asking the people about this, as long as Bhumjaithai still holds this position.

“We will work only with a friend with a firm commitment,” Mr Plodprasop said.

Samsung asks to see Apple’s next iPhone, iPad

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In an interesting turn of events, Samsung’s legal team has asked Apple to hand over next-generation versions of the iPhone and iPad to make sure its own future devices will not be subjected to the same infringement claims the company currently faces as part of Apple’s lawsuit from last month.

The motion, filed on Friday with the U.S. District Court in San Jose, Calif., and discovered by This Is My Next, asks the court to make Apple provide samples of the “final, commercial version(s)” of the iPhone and iPad, along with whatever retail packaging those products come in. Again, these aren’t announced products, they’re named in the filing as the “iPhone 4S,” “iPhone 5,” “iPad 3,” and “third generation iPad.”

The news comes a week after Apple filed a motion to see final production samples of a number of announced, though unreleased, Samsung products, including the Galaxy Tab 10.1 and 8.9 tablets, and smartphones like the Galaxy S II, Droid Charge, and Infuse 4G. The idea behind that was to evaluate whether these devices would fall under the same intellectual-property infringement claims Apple had already placed on Samsung devices like the Nexus S, Captivate, Continuum, and Mesmerize in its original court filing.

Nilay Patel, of This Is My Next, notes that as with Apple’s handling of the request to see Samsung’s unreleased products, the Samsung request asks only that Samsung’s lawyers, and not the company’s product teams, be allowed to see the Apple devices. That said, the retaliation preys on the element of surprise, historically one of Apple’s biggest strengths when introducing new products.

Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung (PDF), back in April, alleged that Samsung had copied Apple’s mobile devices both in terms of user interface and design features. Apple also alleged that the Samsung devices in question infringed on Apple’s patents, and resulted in Samsung practicing unfair competition. Samsung fired back by launching a wave of patent infringement lawsuits targeting Apple’s products in multiple countries.

The case continues to generate intense interest from tech onlookers. While the two companies compete, Apple and Samsung have historically been close business partners, with Apple making use of a number of Samsung components across the range of its devices. Nonetheless, the relationship has not kept Samsung and its telecommunications group from being targeted.

Abhisit keen for debate with Yingluck

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Democrat Party leader Abhisit Vejjajiva on Monday called on the Pheu Thai Party to take notice of the people’s call for a debate between him and the party’s No.1 list candidate Yingluck Shinawatra.

Mr Abhisit said this while helping Nat Bantadtan, a Democrat candidate running in Bangkok’s constituency 15, campaign at the Bang Kapi market and a Saen Saep canal boat landing at Wat Sriboonruang temple.

Mr Nat is a son of Banyat Bantadtan, a core member of the Democrat Party.

Asked about a poll result showing the people wanted to see Ms Yingluck take part in a debate, Mr Abhisit said the Pheu Thai Party should heed the people’s call. He said he was ready for any debate.

Askd about opinion surveys intended to gauge the respective popularity of political parties competing in the July 3 election, Mr Abhisit said the pollsters should clearly identify areas and target groups for every survey.

He said the Democrat Party did not yet have a plan for the formation of a new government because the result of the polls were still not known.

The caretaker prime minister called for all sides to maintain a good atmosphere during the election campaign. He said he had asked police to look into all bomb threats, adding some of them might not be related to politics.

Mr Abhisit also said Suthep Thaugsuban, the Democrat Party secretary-general, had never made any insulting remark about anyone, including Maj-Gen Sanan Kachornprasart, chief adviser of the Chartthaipattana Party.

He asked the media to be careful how they present the news after an interview.

Witthaya Buranasiri, a Pheu Thai candidate running in Ayutthaya’s constituency 4 and former opposition chief whip, said his party was ready to form a government with any other party.

He was commenting on a report that Chart Pattana Peua Pandin and Chartthaipattana parties had said they would be glad to join a government if Pheu Thai won the election.

Mr Witthaya, however, said he did not want to talk about parties joining to form a government at this time, but would rather wait to see the election results first.

As for the Bhumjaithai Party, Mr Witthaya admitted that the paty had hurt Pheu Thai on many issues and believed the people also knew about what happened between the two parties.