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Lumpini Stadium in Bangkok

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 Fights at Lumpini are regarded as being slightly better than those at Ratchadamnoen, although for the novice it would be extremely difficult to tell the difference. It is also probably the more famous of the two stadiums. The stadium opened in 1956 to promote Thai boxing both in Thailand and abroad. Many non-Thai fighters compete here, and as the interest in the sport continues to explode, the stadium these days has much more of an international feel about it. . It is one of the few places in Thailand where betting is permitted.

Details: Tickets are priced from 500 Baht to 1,500 Baht depending on the fight, the fighters, and whether you sit ringside. Fights take place Tuesdays and Fridays from 18:30, Saturday afternoons 17:00-20:00, and Saturday nights from 20:30.

How to get there: The nearest BTS to Lumpini Stadium is Sala Daeng station and the nearest MRT Lumpini. From both it will cost around 50 Baht to get a taxi down Rama IV Road past the Night Bazaar to the stadium.

The following buses will get you there:
Bus number: 115

Lumpini Stadium
Rama IV Road
Tel: 0-2252-8765, 0-2251-4303, 0-2253-7702, 0-2253-7940

Cha-am Beach in Phetchaburi

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Cha-am Beach is renowned for being the best beach in Phetchaburi. Cha-am’s fame was established when it’s neighbour Hua Hin became a royal resort and members of the royal family commented that Cha-am was just as beautiful. As a result, Cha-am has become a firm favourite with weekend visitors from Bangkok, and is becoming increasingly popular with international visitors keen on experiencing a genuinely Thai resort town. There’s a complete absence of bars along the beach – local bylaws won’t permit them. There are though numerous hotels and restaurants dotted about the 3 kilometre long beach and it’ easy to pick up a place to rest in a deckchair under an umbrella. You can get a donkey ride if you want one and it is possible to rent bicycles to explore the area. There are also herds of food stalls selling excellent snacks. Cha-am is remarkable in that it is unremarkable – this is a pleasant beach with green water – and that’s about it. Cha-am is not ‘in your face’ and that can make a genuine change and probably what is making it more attractive to foreigners.

How to get there: This beach is only about 1 kilometre east of Cha-am and easily accessible by Tuk-Tuk (30 Baht) and Songtaew (10 Baht) from the town’s bus station.

Alcazar Cabaret in Chonburi

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Although a visit here is very much dependent on whether this is your cup of tea or not, places like Alcazar Cabaret have become tourist attractions in their own right. At Alcazar it’s a straight forward theme – men dressed as women, or as they are known in the trade, ‘female impersonation artists’. Impersonate them well they do – only careful attention to fine details such as Adam’s Apples expose these artists as being male. Known in Thai as ‘Katoeys’, the performers are almost invariably transsexuals who have had ‘gender reassignment’.

The entertainment provided includes full cabaret performances featuring countless performers wearing some of the most extravagant evening wear you are ever likely to see. And this is no low-key event either. The hall housing Alcazar Cabaret Show seats 1,200 people and employs state-of-the-art light and sound technology. In addition, there are a number of restaurants and cafes to enjoy before and after the shows. To push the envelope further, Alcazar Theatre proudly presents an annual “Greatest Lady-man Pageant in the World” – a full fledged beauty contest for transsexuals.
Whatever your thoughts on this type of entertainment, a visit to Alcazar will be an unforgettable experience!
How to get there: As with elsewhere, the Songtaews circling Pattaya are by far the most convenient way to get to Alcazar Theatre.

For reservations: 0-38-41-0224-7 or 0-6324-7243

Isan Grand Kite Tradition,Buriram

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December 4, 2010 – December 5, 2010
See kite competitions of various selected categories, Isan grand kite procession, and sales of local products.