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Alex Ferguson’s wine collection up for auction

Posted by Nuttapon_S On April - 17 - 2014 ADD COMMENTS

(CNN) — The auction hammer is ready to go down on a remarkable collection — it offers you a once in a lifetime opportunity to sample the fine wines collected by legendary football manager Alex Ferguson.

During 26 years at Manchester United, Ferguson raised a glass to many memorable wins and toasted countless vintage performances.

Auction house Christie’s is selling off part of Ferguson’s private collection valued at a mouth-watering $5 million, with bidding set to open on nearly 500 lots — roughly 5,000 bottles — across three auctions running between May 24 and June 23 in London and Hong Kong as well as online.

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“My interest in wine began during a scouting trip in France and, over time, my enjoyment of discovery and collecting grew,” Ferguson, who retired in May 2013 after guiding United to 13 English Premier League titles and two European Cups, said in a statement.

“The importance of collecting wine was that it served as a distraction and gave me a balance in my life that helped me in dealing with the intensity and demands required of me as the manager of Manchester United.

“In retirement, I now have the time to visit the places and people that will feed my passion, so I felt it made sense to release a large number of the wines I had collected over the years. I hope many will enjoy exploring my collection.”

The lots span over a quarter of a century, including six bottles of Romanee-Conti Grand Cru 1999 from the year United won an historic Premier League, FA Cup and Champions League treble.

Valued at between $84,000 and $109,000, the lot also comes with a signed United shirt from their Champions League final win over Bayern Munich 15 years ago.

“While Alex Ferguson’s reputation and standing in football is renowned the world over, we are thrilled at Christie’s to be able to showcase his exceptional taste in fine wine,” said David Elwood, Christie’s head of wine.

“This collection includes a roll call of impressive wines, including one of the most comprehensive groups of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti that we have ever offered at auction.

“It is remarkable to see that Sir Alex’s talent of picking quality players for the pitch also extends to picking sensational wines for the cellar.”

An auction in Hong Kong will be held on May 24, ahead of a sale in London on June 5 and online auction that will run between June 9 and 23.

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Jesus’ Wife Papyrus Fragment ‘Is Not Fake’

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The Vatican said the papyrus, which suggested Jesus had a wife, was a forgery but US scientists have disputed this claim.

A faded papyrus fragment, known as the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” which the Vatican declares a fake, is most likely an ancient document and not a modern forgery, scientists say.

The tiny piece measuring 8cm by 4cm has been controversial because it contained the passage “Jesus said to them, ‘My wife…” – a phrase never seen before in any scripture.

On the fragment, which emerged in 2012, there were also the words: “She will be able to be my disciple”.

Never before has a gospel referred to Jesus having women as disciples and this caused a stir amid the debate in some churches over whether women should be allowed to be priests.

The fragment has been analysed by experts at Columbia University, Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

And they concluded after carbon testing that the papyrus and ink used dated from between the sixth and ninth centuries.

The test results do not prove Jesus had a wife or disciples who were women.

But the fragment is likely to be part of an ancient manuscript rather than a fake, claim scientists.

They say it “belongs to early Christian debates over whether it was better for Christians to be celibate virgins or to marry and have children”.

Also the piece is too small to know anything definite about who may have composed, read or circulated it, except that they were Christians.

Historian Karen L King from Harvard Divinity School gave the papyrus its name and said in a recent interview: “I took very seriously the comments of such a wide range of people that it might be a forgery.

“When you have all the evidence pointing in one direction, it doesn’t make it 100%, but history is not a place where 100% is a common thing.”

Humans may have finally exited the food chain thanks to evolution and ingenuity, but we aren’t the toughest creatures on this planet. (If you took away our technology and toys.) In fact, we’re not even the biggest.

Compared to these 22 behemoths, we’re tiny and frail. There are domesticated animals that dwarf us… and then there’s the giant oarfish, man o’ war jellyfish and much, much more. These animals are so naturally big, it’s freaky.

1.) Japanese spider crab: A fishing staple for Japan, these crabs can weigh up to 41lbs and do serious damage with their claws.

2.) Trigger the cow: Trigger is 6.5 feet tall, 14 feet long and weighs over 1 ton. He could produce 7,665 Big Macs.
3.) Mekong catfish: These giant fish are found in China’s polluted waterways. They can grow up to 10.5 feet long and feed on the nightmares of children (we can only assume).
4.) Macroptychaster sea stars: These giant starfish were found by scientists in Antarctic waters in 2008. We THINK they were heard from again.
5.) Nomura’s jellyfish: This jellyfish is found off the coast of Japan and can weigh up to 440lbs. It’s about the same size as the lion’s mane jellyfish, the largest in the world. It’s easy to understand how Japan came up with Godzilla.
6.) Giant Great Dane: George the dog earned his spot in Guinness World Records for the biggest dog. He weighed over 245 lbs and ate over 110 lbs of kibble a month. His adorableness is also off the charts.
7.) Flemish rabbits: Flemish rabbits are big, but Sandy is one of the biggest. Here she is with her pet Sheltie.

6 Of The Freakiest Face Swaps You’ll Ever See

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BuzzFeed Staff

(BuzzFeed) The internet has been awash with face swaps for years — here’s our contribution to the art of creating nightmares with Photoshop.

1. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

2. Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe

3. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

4. Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig

5. Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson

6. Beyonce and Jay Z