Thursday, February 20, 2020
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We’ve seen some pretty amazing concept cars come from Rinspeed in the past, but this one has to be one of our favorites. On display at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show early next month, the XchangE turns the Tesla Model S into a “living room on wheels.” The autonomous vehicle will not only drive itself, but is equipped with a 32-inch 4k monitor and reclining seats to make you feel like you’re cruising around in a private jet rather than a four-door sedan.

The intense luxury doesn’t stop at the television. A built-in espresso machine keeps you powered up for the ride, and If you’re traveling for work rather than play, the vehicle’s “Business-to-Car” platform ensures you not only have access to all the web services you need, but are surfing safely. Perhaps the most absurd addition to the vehicle is “the world’s arguably most expensive watch winder,” a $44k Patravi TravelTec wristwatch encased in a transparent globe above the car’s steering column. When the car is stationary, the globe uses the Tesla’s electric engine to wind the stationary watch. It’s all just a concept now, but it’s one we can’t wait to hit the streets in.

Desert dig uncovers huge Atari games dump

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Video game archaeologists have found a cache of Atari games that were buried in the New Mexico desert 30 years ago.

Before now reports Atari had dumped millions of game cartridges were widely believed to be an urban myth.

But a three-hour dig at a landfill site turned up many Atari cartridges, including copies of the game ET: The Extra Terrestrial.

Atari made millions of copies of the ET game, but it sold poorly and helped to contribute to the demise of the firm.

“For a lot of people, it’s something that they’ve wondered about and it’s been rumoured and talked about for 30 years, and they just want an answer,” said Zak Penn, director of a documentary being made about the search for the site and its uncovering.

The documentary by Fuel Entertainment is being prepared for Microsoft’s Xbox TV channel.

Cash crunch

Atari was thought to have dumped truckloads of unsold games in the landfill site on the outskirts of Alamogordo in 1983 as the company was winding down.

The game maker’s descent from its position as the dominant force in home gaming in the late 1970s and early 1980s was swift and has been partly blamed on the gamble it took on making a game of Steven Spielberg’s 1982 hit film ET.

The game was made from scratch in five weeks for the Atari 2600 console. Even before the game was finished Atari, committed huge amounts of money and resources to it and produced millions of copies when it was done.

The ET game has been described as one of the worst ever created. Its challenging game play and poor graphics put people off buying it and left Atari with huge amounts of unsold inventory.

The search to see if the rumours about the dump were true was given new life by the efforts of one unnamed game enthusiast who did the detective work to narrow down its location.

Red tape surrounding the uncovering of the landfill site held up the start of the dig but once permission was granted excavations began on 26 April.

Three hours of digging with a backhoe uncovered significant amounts of Atari 2600 game cartridges – many of which were still in their original packaging.

Only a limited amount of material could be retrieved from the dump because the dig was only allowed access for one day. The local authority of Alamogordo ordered the dig site to be refilled on 27 April.

7 Animals Whose Names Are Complete Lies

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1. Guinea pig.

Not a pig and not even from Guinea. Guinea pigs are, of course, rodents. They werebrought to Europe from South America as early as the 16th Century and bred as pets.

2. Electric eel.

Weirdly not an eel, but a knifefish.

3. Lionfish.

Ok, so it is a fish but its definitely not a lion. Their stripes serve both as a close-up warning to predators that the fish is poisonous, and as camouflage that breaks up its the outline from far away. Just saying but maybe tigerfish would have been a better name. (It doesn’t even have a mane).

4. Mountain goat.

Not a goat, also not a mountain. They are pretty close relatives to goats, but are more accurately called goat-antelopes. Mountain goats live in alpine environments where they can show off their impressive climbing abilities.


Obviously not a horse, but I guess they kind of look a bit equine? Sadly their upright pose means they are not actually very good swimmers and can easily die of exhaustion in rough seas. Maybe a real horse would cope better.

6. Spider monkey.

Definitely not a spider as it clearly has only four legs. Their disproportionately long limbs and prehensile tails are probably what led to their common name.

7. Ladybird.

Despite their impressive wings, not actually birds.

Virtual J-Pop Star To Join Lady Gaga On Tour

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The singer’s Artpop Ball tour in the US will be opened by her “favourite digital pop star” who performs as a 3D hologram.

A computer-generated Japanese pop star who performs as a hologram will support Lady Gaga on her US tour next month.

Hatsune Miku will perform in 3D alongside a band made of real musicians at the shows which start in Atlanta on May 6.

“My favourite digital pop star Hatsune Miku is opening The Artpop Ball from May 6-June 3!” @ladygaga said on her Twitter feed.

“Look at how cute she is!,” she added, with a link to YouTube video showing the digital diva in action.

The virtual singer has become one of the hottest stars on the J-pop scene in the last few years.

J-pop is an abbreviation of Japanese pop, a genre which became mainstream in the 1990s.

Miku’s turn on tour with Lady Gaga comes ahead of support by fellow Asian superstars Crayon Pop.

The South Korean girl group topped the K-pop charts last year when their danceable ditty Bar Bar Bar – featuring their signature helmets and piston-style line dancing – went viral on YouTube.

The five-piece are set to join Lady Gaga for the second half of the North American section of the tour, playing more than a dozen gigs.

The Artpop Ball tour heads overseas in August, with dates in Japan, South Korea, Australia, and much of Europe.

Lady Gaga is playing at the O2 in London in October.